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5 Steps to a Great Night’s Sleep

IMS Health (a company which gives information about healthcare) has declared that the sales of sleeping pills have increased almost twice for the last 10 years. More and more people are having problems with their sleep. Due to some physiological processes, such as pregnancy, perimenopause and menstruation, women suffer from insomnia more often than men do. We would like to tell you how to get a better sleep so that you won’t suddenly fall asleep at work, during your studies or while driving.

The First Step

Set priorities in a proper way. If you plan to finish some of your housework today and it is already 11 p.m. leave your chores until tomorrow and go to bed. Your pet’s nailcut, linen ironing and unanswered mails can wait but your body cannot. Enough sleep is as important as exercises and healthy diet.

The Second Step

Calculate your sleep length. Generally, a grown-up person has to sleep from 7 to 9 hours per night. To know exactly how much sleep you need choose a situation when you are away from your daily duties, for example, when you are on a holiday. You don’t have to wake up with your alarm clock, you get up when you feel you have rested enough so it’s an easy way to figure out how much sleep your body really requires. When you’re back home from your vacation try to stick to this number as drifting from this amount may result in poor concentration, bad mood and loss of alertness.

The Third Step

Get rid of your sleep stoppers. If your partner snores loudly it might be an alarming sign for more severe disorders in his/her organism, so you’d better advise him/her to see a doctor. Remember that your bedroom is not an entertainment room or a study. Organize your sleeping place so that you feel comfortable and happy in it. Start with replacing your mattress by choosing a new one on

The Fourth Step

Think about your diet. Don’t go too far as regards the amount of coffee you drink a day. Don’t eat or drink much just before going to bed. Drinking a lot of water before sleep will make you get up at night to go to the toilet. Once you get up it’s difficult to fall asleep immediately again. And full stomach is not a good idea for a comfortable night’s sleep either.

The Fifth Step

Do regular exercises. Workout may help you to sleep better. But don’t start exercising right before your bedtime as your sleep could be disturbed (as research proves). And if your choice is going to be made between doing sport at 7 a.m. or having 1 more hour of sleep choose the second point and put your sport club off until after midday.

Studies show that sleep has a huge effect on our life as it makes us more coordinated, more intelligent, healthier and, thus happier! Turn your bedroom into an ideal sleeping environment and enjoy your life!



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