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Bedroom Designs for Tweens (and Teenagers)

If you are on a way to create an ideal design for your bedroom, you should know that it is not an easy assignment. When you deal with your children’s bedroom the task becomes even more complicated but solvable. You have to shape your design ideas according to their changeable interests. It may happen that yesterday your child took to Disney characters but today in the morning he/she suddenly decided that he/she is not interested in Mickey Mouse interior decor anymore but on the other hand has become a great fan of Bella and Edward with the popularity of Stephanie Meyer’s “The Twilight Saga” among teenagers. This means there has to be their pictures on the bed and the walls as items of new decorating style. First of all, being involved in designing a perfect makeover for your tween’s bedroom you should stick to some rules:

  • Don’t use baby theme ideas for your tween’s bedroom. When your girl is 5 she might adore Barbie but at the age of 10 more adolescent room design will be appreciated. And it could be a problem to transform a child’s bedroom all done with Barbie style into a hipper style room.
  • Don’t be afraid of opting for bright green or pink colors for your tween’s bedroom decoration. Bold colors make your teenager’s room fresh and warm because it has to look nothing but boring.
  • Let your independent tween have his/her own space where they can chill out together with their friends. To have comfortable space for reading, sitting and chatting with friends furnish his/her with beanbags or hanging chair. Tweens like daydreaming so a window seat will be a great idea for this. Psychologists from IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers) recommend adults to give their kid little freedom in modeling the bedroom.

sports-tween-theme-roomHere are our suggestions of top bedroom designs for your tweens. Geometric shapes will definitely look great in your kid’s bedroom. They include trendy dots, fresh stripes. Your child may lose interest in decor conventionalized on the basis of a famous movie very quickly so retro themes will be a better option for your tween’s bedroom. As regards colors, red and white dots or pink base with orange dots will look wonderful for tween girls’ bedroom. Besides, you can add such details as funky geometric rugs, cool wall clocks and matching bedding sets to have your design completed. You can prefer either to paint the walls or to have transfer stickers for wall decor.

For your tween boys’ bedroom sports design is the most preferable. No matter what age is your boy sports theme is always actual. Have the walls painted in his favorite team color palette. To add pizzazz cover his bed with bedding set themed in his favorite sports league. In order to save money, you can use a mattress coupon on Mattress Reviewer and you will get a quality mattress for less money.

International Union of Psychological Science confirms that children’s nature is exposed to frequent alterations. It is important for you to understand that your kid wants a room that will express his/her inner personality, hobbies and style. But you need to take into consideration that kids tastes may change with their growing up.


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