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How to Shop For a Mattress

It is a well-known fact that sleep plays a crucial role in our life. According to The World Health Organization, we spend the third half of our life sleeping. So making sure you have chosen the best mattress for yourself is very important. To replace an old mattress or not suitable one could be a thorn in your side. However, be ready to face loads of models on Mattress Reviewer keeping in mind the fact that your ideal mattress may turn into someone’s nightmare. This simply shows that choosing a mattress is very personal.

Apart from the individual character of each mattress, the price can vary from less than a hundred of dollars to thousands of dollars. The more expensive the mattress is the better result you will get. Remember that you are going to sleep on this mattress at least 6 hours every day during 10 years or more. Surely, the material of a mattress has to be top quality and durable in order to make your rest comfortable and it is clear that such materials can’t be cheap.


To make your long-expected purchase pleasant but not so costly, our advice is not to be shy and ask a shop assistant for a discount or a bonus, for instance, bed linen, cushions or bed frame. The other idea is to go shopping for a mattress during sales season.

Four types of mattress’s core are known: latex, innerspring, foam and air-filled. Latex mattresses are as firm as foam ones but at the same time they are more spring-back. If the material is made of natural latex it will serve you about 20 years (its approximate life span), save you from dust mites and mold but will make your pocket thinner. There also exist two types of latex material: softer and lighter Talalay latex and heavier Dunlop one.

mattress-sizesInnerspring beds are for those who like feeling bouncy. In this case, you can choose the degree of spring. If you want a thicker and denser mattress, go for a foam one, which has not so much spring as opposed to innerspring mattress. When you sleep on an air-filled mattress, you could control the air inside on your own. If there are two chambers for air controlling, you and your bedfellow can both use the function of dual chambers due to their personal preferences.

Your sleeping habits and lifestyle are the other factors that you should consider while choosing a mattress. There are people who prefer sleeping on their back (they may consider any type of mattress), on their stomach (they should think about buying either latex or air-filled mattress), on their side (it’s better for such people to choose between foam and innerspring mattresses). Dual chambers in air-filled mattresses are the perfect variant for couples with different sleeping preferences. If your husband or wife is not a peaceful sleeper and turns throughout all night, buy any mattress that provides you with “motion isolation“. The most antimicrobial types of mattresses are latex and foam so if you are allergic to dust or any insects don’t hesitate to buy one of these types of mattresses.

We hope the information in this article will help you when you decide to shop for a mattress.


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