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The Top 8 Mattresses for a PERFECT Night Sleep

Washington Post has recently published an article that says that the most popular reason that does not allow you to have a normal rest is pain. It could be any kind of pain: backache, toothache, stomachache. One more rest robber is any type of discomfort during your sleep. For instance, loud noise, laptop, children, pets and even not high quality mattress.

The main function of mattresses is to give us comfort, good rest, relaxation and support. But how not to get puzzled in the variety of mattress types? Here is a guide in various types of mattresses for a perfect night sleep, the choice of which will depend on your needs.

                  Waterbed mattress

Manufacturers present two types of waterbeds: hard-sided and soft-sided. In both types, water apartment is adjustable as its brace system. Fiber materials and foam cover the water chamber. There are “wave less” water apartments (water flow is not blocked) and “free flow” (water flow is limited by fibers).


Air chamber covered with padding materials is used as a support system. In airbeds it is possible to adjust each side of the bed to the necessary level of firmness. It is very common in contemporary society.

                  Gel mattress

This type of mattress is like a waterbed in some way. Gel is used in the mattress support system. Gel is included into the foam with the help of various technologies.


                  Foam/Memory mattress

These mattresses make use of different types of foam (polyurethane, visco elastic, latex) as their support system. Your comfort depends on the thickness and shape of the foam used in your mattress. If you like being hot, foam/memory mattress is exactly what you need but if you don’t, it won’t probably be pleasant for you to sleep on such mattress in summer as it warms up. Foam/Memory mattresses are still the most popular types of mattresses.

                  Coil spring mattress

They use springs as the means of support. The number of springs varies in different models.

                  Hybrid mattress

It is called so as it combines both foam/memory and coil spring brace systems. Casper review describes Casper mattress as a hybrid one, which incorporates two types of foam: latex and memory. Such mattress may stay fresh and cool over long periods of time.


The amount of mattress firmness may range from Super soft to Extra firm. And it’s only the matter of your own preference. Medical studies in Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai show that extra firm mattresses can be the best for your back but only temporary while in the long term they may even harm your bad back. So you’d better choose mattresses with medium firmness for long periods.


It’s the simplest type of all mattresses. If you remember to rotate it from time to time, futon mattress will serve you well.

Look forward to sleeping on your mattress after a tiring working day without any feeling of pressure or pain!


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